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How to wear a men's turtleneck

One thing people love about turtlenecks is how versatile they are. They can dress up or dress down an outfit so easily! The options are endless. You could wear one casually with a pair of jeans and trainers, or keep it classy by wearing a slim-fit one with smart slacks! The classic high necks of these pieces are now even more fashionable than they ever have been in the past. They are not only flattering but also sophisticated and very versatile.

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A few turtleneck styling tips:


One of the easiest ways of wearing a turtle neck is to pair it with your suit. Pick out matching trousers and a blazer, opting for a slim-fit shirt that replaces a regular one. If you want to stand out without being overboard, then wearing turtlenecks is the way to go. Matching colours can do a lot for an outfit. For example, turtlenecks and shoes should be the same colour to give your outfit a cohesive look.


Turtleneck is a stylish outfit for occasions where you don’t have time to think about your outfit, as it can be styled vastly differently depending on the event. For a stylish and fashionable look, tuck in a fitted turtleneck into some slim black jeans. Roll up the hems of your jeans slightly when you’ve put your Chelsea boots on.


Layering is crucial for this and a bomber jacket can be a great solution. When worn over a turtleneck, it provides the perfect transitional outfit into spring. If you're not really into fitted clothes, look for a loose-fitting alternative. It can be difficult to find the right size sweater in some stores. Pick up a size and roll up the sleeves for a casual look.


It's easy to think that turtlenecks are just for more serious occasions. However, they're actually a lot of fun and suitable for a casual look. Turtlenecks are super versatile because you can wear them anywhere, whether you’re at the office, traveling, or just hanging out with friends. They can be cool and understated when styled in a certain way. If the weather is colder, pair the planning with a sporty padded jacket. It'll keep you warm while looking cool.

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