Best black and white stripes shirt for men

Best ways to style striped shirts

Wearing striped shirts is one of the easiest fashion trends. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they're still a popular style in modern men's wardrobes. Due to its classic appeal, the striped shirt is easily categorized as a wardrobe staple. There are a variety of striped shirts that can be worn for any occasion. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this closet staple. Striped shirts are so versatile that they can go with any point of style and be appropriate for any age, season, or occasion. What's more, they are the perfect fit for most people.

The main advantage of wearing stripes is they suit all body shapes. Vertically striped shirts can make you look taller/shorter and give the illusion that you are slimmer than usual.

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The few best ways to style striped shirts are-:

  • Consider pairing a light blue striped shirt with navy chinos, brown or black leather belt, and a crisp navy-blue tie, and complete this look by wearing black or brown boat shoes for an extremely stylish formal outfit.
  • Wear a red and black striped shirt with a plain black t-shirt below it to add contrast against your dark jeans. Keep the rest of the outfit classics with white sneakers for a trendy yet cool look.
  • Consider pairing a red checked shirt with a black denim jacket on black jeans and complete this edgy look by adding casual shoes.
  • Pair a black & white striped shirt with blue jeans and white sneakers for a playful style on every occasion.
  • Try pairing a light blue and white striped shirt with a navy blue blazer and formal trousers. Finish this look by adding a plain navy-blue tie, leather belt, and black boat shoes.

Striped shirts are an essential staple in any wardrobe, and they never go out of style. We would suggest you work with the team to try every style mentioned above and leave a lasting impression on everyone. Fennec can change your simple look into a fashionable one. Just take a little time out of your busy lives and try the styles mentioned above to bring the best out of you.

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