About Us

Mr. Karan Rathod founded Fennec Collective under Rathod textiles private limited in 2021.With the new era, and with evolving needs arrives the necessity for contemporary brands that are different than their predecessors. Fennec is an improved solution for clothing; we are a premium t-shirt and polo shirts provider that understand the needs of the newer generations. Much like the fennec fox, we have started small with a core team that we stand by, but are making great leaps towards success with existing and upcoming lines of t-shirts and polo shirts for casual and smart-casual wear. Our range of t-shirts is ideal for both men and women who are keen on acquiring clothing that is made from high-quality fabrics, stitched to perfect and suitable for both summer and winters. fennec is a brand you can trust as we believe in learning continuously and only delivering the best to you always. We are new, we are eager to be the best and are making great strides in sporting, casual, and polo shirts wear.