Privacy Policy

This privacy policy encompasses the topic of how your privacy as a buyer is used and protected when you use the Fennec Collective website and choose our products, as well as services.

Fennec collectives is committed and always working hard to ensure that your privacy is always protected and never compromised. When we ask buyers for information, that is for placing orders and/or to give you relevant offers and alerts, please be rest assured that all the collected information will be used according to this privacy policy.

Since Fennec collectives holds the right to change the privacy policy from time to time according to operations and/or government regulations, you can check this page to get the latest updates for our privacy policy. 

Information That Fennec collectives Collects

  1. Name of buyer, date of birth of buyer.
  2. Contact information such as address and email address of buyer.
  3. Buyer’s demographic information such as postcodes, pin codes, preferences, interests.
  4. Survey and offer relevant information.

Using Your Information In a Safe and Secure Way

The information that we gather from you is geared to give you a better shopping experience and to ensure that you get the best of our services. We might use your information in the following ways:

  1. Internal operations and record keeping.
  2. Improving our products and services for a better purchase experience.
  3. Appropriate ad customized promotional emails, with offers, new products and products you might find appealing.
  4. Contacting you on a need to basis for market research, sales and customizing your website experience.

Guarding Your Safety and With the Best Digital Security

At Fennec collectives, we use your information while ensuring that all the details are secure, we never disclose your details to third parties. We use the best book keeping solutions, both online and offline, as well as digital safety software and SSL certificates to always safeguard your interests and protect your privacy.

Internet Cookies Usage Policy

When a buyer accepts cookies while surfing on Fennec collectives and other sites as well, the buyer gives permission to store a small file on your computer’s hard drive. This file and the cookies help us analyse web traffic data only related to your usage of our website. Your likes, dislikes, preferences and shopping trends are gathered by this cookie and sent only to use, to enable us to offer you better shopping services.

While you can choose to decline cookies while surfing any website, this will hamper you receiving a full-fledged and customized web experience.

Giving You Control of Your Personal Information

Fennec collectives believes in giving you control of your personal information by giving you the option of restricting the collection of your information. You can achieve this task through the following ways mentioned here:

  1. When you are asked to fill a form on the website, you can check the box that states you wish to keep your information confidential and not be used for direct marketing and other sales purposes.
  2. If in the past you have chosen to allow us to use your personal information for direct marketing purposes and if you choose to opt out of this service, then you can drop us an email.
  3. Fennec collectives will never use, sell, distribute or lease any of your information to third parties unless we have your consent and/or are required by the law to do this.

For any clarifications on our privacy policy please drop us an email and we will be happy to give you a prompt resolution.