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The guide to wearing a check shirt

The basic white shirt has become a staple in every man's wardrobe, but it can often be a little plain. With its infinite colour combinations, checked shirts are the perfect addition to your wardrobe as it never gets old- it can be worn anywhere from date nights to even in the office. Styling with checked shirts is a game changer. If styled correctly, with the right combination of colours & textures, every checked shirt will project a powerful and confident look. There are thousands of different check shirt options out there so if you're looking for something that stands out, we're sure you'll find it.

White and Mustard Checks shirt

Here is a guide to wearing a check shirt -:


You can impress your colleagues by wearing a dark tartan check shirt on casual Friday. Embrace your style and let it do the talking. A check shirt can never go wrong with a denim jacket. This is a great go-to piece for any occasion.


Some meetings require you to dress in business-casual attire. Adding navy blue pants to a button-down collar shirt will make you appear more appealing. Dark colour jeans with a check shirt would be appropriate for any event that you are attending.


If you choose to wear a checked shirt, go for solid colour chinos. Trousers with stripes or checks can undermine your appearance instead of elevating it. A great outfit that never goes wrong for the summer outfit is a pair of slim-fit, light-coloured trousers with a checked shirt and loafers.


Check shirts seem fashionable and impressive to the public, but that effect may be short-lived. If you want to buy a shirt for every occasion, be prepared to explore many options. If you want to create a few outfits with minimal effort, don’t go for the same patterns in every item.


If you're a party person or someone who is active socially, this outfit would be perfect for you. To gear up for all these social plans, roll up the sleeves of your shirt and wear it with khakis or chinos.

Be brave enough to clash patterns and experiment with them in front of a mirror before you ruin your look in public. Despite the plethora of options available within a bunch of intersecting lines and colours, you can be the guy who always dresses the best. The geometric simplicity of checks is enhanced by the infinite colour options. Fennec Collective has got the ideal collection of check shirts for your wardrobe, then nothing can stop you from flaunting a killer look.

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