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Polo T-Shirts - Never Ending Trends in India

Polo t-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items for men right now. Men's polo t-shirts can be found on the runways of the biggest cities and on the streets of your small town. The polo t-shirt has evolved over the years from being worn only by polo players at prestigious sports clubs to being worn by a wide range of sports fans. These shirts have evolved not only to follow but also to set trends. It is common to see people wearing this item of clothing on nights out at the local pub, at work, and at local sporting events.

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Polo T-shirt Styling Tips:

All-white outfits work wonders for any occasion, whether you're headed to a game or simply want to look smart. A classic white pique polo may be a good place to start. It is important to ensure that the t-shirt cuts slim through the body. Lastly, pair the polo with white chinos that are narrow through the leg and taper towards the underside. Put the final touch on the look with a pair of rice brown loafers. If white doesn't fit your skin tone, try another pastel shade. 

Polos get their origins from sports, so you can even make them sportier by wearing them with joggers or athleisure bottoms. They can even be paired with black cropped trousers. A pair of white leather shoes or canvas trainers will complete your look.

Wearing polo shirts under suits and blazers instead of full sleeves makes you look sharp and cool. Adding the right coat or blazer to a dark-hued sports shirt can make it appear extremely formal. Put on a pair of minimalist trainers or suede loafers to make your outfit more sophisticated. 

When you are attending a formal event, you can wear a polo shirt as a top layer. Polo shirts in a plain colour are appropriate for this occasion. A pair of leather shoes or loafers would finish off the look and you could wear them with chinos and a leather belt. 

A polo shirt and a pair of shorts are the perfect combination during the summer months, when temperatures soar. The right shorts make all the difference. 

Combining a black jacket with a tan polo shirt can also make you look stylish. You'll nail a uniform and sleek look by matching your bomber with your pants. 

You'll create a casual, streamlined and timeless look by wearing polo shirts with plaid pants. Keeping the polo untucked and fitting well is right for casual days. 

Whether you're dressed up for a proper event or just a game, Polo T-shirts from Fennec Collective ensure you wear your style right! 

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